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Surya Jyoti Leasing & Finance Limited (NBFC), a division of providing Loan to the urban and rural people. We are registered under RBI as NFBC. Our products include Primary and Special loans. We are having more than two decades of experience in the sector of micro finance and currently operating in Uttar Pradesh. Everything that the company has achieved, is on the path of achieving and all that it will achieve will all be because of the wide spread and loyal customer base it holds.


Surya Jyoti Leasing & Finance Where dreams inspire us to excel. We ignite hope and kindle in us the passion to stretch our limits.

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Small Business Loans

The loans are aimed at small business formation and/or expansion to create economic vitality for Upper Manhattan. Term Loans typically are senior financing, depending on the other sources of capital for the project...


Microcredit encompasses a diverse range of lending. Some microcredit organizations specifically seek to empower low-income individuals to become entrepreneurs by providing affordable business capital...

Business Investment Loans

We are typically a subordinate loan that augments (or “gap funds”) the amount of private capital to create a stronger capital structure for the project.By Business Investment Loans we provide new job creation and substantial economic growth .